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“The drone industry is unique as it’s one of the best recent examples of how advancements in technology can completely transform the way things are done. Because of the boom in the drone economy, the industry is more of a community, than it is anything else. We’re all working together to help make our industry great and it’s through shared knowledge and experiences that we’re making it happen. Schedudrone is a tool that I wish I’d had back when I was growing my drone service business, and it’s something that I feel will elevate your ability to better serve your clients.”

– Justin Kyser | Schedudrone Founder

Take the ‘busy’ out of business

Your Brand. Your Clients.

We’re not another job aggregation network. You’ve heard of them. They go out and win massive contracts then turn around and pay pilots $40 for a single flight. In fact, we don’t even let people know which companies have schedudrone accounts. That’s on you. Our philosophy is simple: Make it easy for pilots to win clients and in-turn, companies will succeed.

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It all starts with the client. Allowing your clients the control of showing you what they want and where they want it not only makes the estimating process easier, but allows you to get a better feel of your clients desires. Schedudrone makes it easy for your clients to communicate their vision for their project, increasing the value you provide them.

Built By Drone Pilots.

We’re a platform for drone pilots, by drone pilots. We’ve been there, and we know what it takes to grow from a weekend warrior to full time flier! Because Schedudrone is meant for you, we want you to be actively involved in development. Take a look at our roadmap to see where we are, and where we’re going, then help us help you succeed!