Professional systems for risk analysis and safety documentation of chemicals

We offer a wide range of system solutions and services relating to documentation of safe use, handling and storage as well as risk analysis of hazardous chemicals.

Compilation of safety data sheets

We compille and quality control safety data sheets according to the European CLP regulations and REACH Annex II. By using our system, Sensor-chemdoc, we deliver high quality MSDS. You can find examples of our compiled Material Safety Data Sheets in the Sensor-portal. Click here for prices and information.

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   Order online: Production and compilation of MSDS. Prices from €180,- 6128232579

Sensor - abonnent: Web based chemical archive with risk analysis functions
A service where we gather chemical information and create and maintain the chemical archive. The system allows you to extract the required information from your chemical archive and create extended risk analysis reports for usage, safe storing, and environmental implications. Please contact us for a demonstration.

Sensor - chemdoc: Chemical system for manufacturers and suppliers
A complete tool for complilation of safety data sheets, classification, labeling, etc.
A software upgrade for version 8.7d - 16.11.2018 , or a demo may be downloaded from our support pages.

Chemical related services

We offer courses and training in current regulations, and the use of our system. Distribution of material safety data sheets. Translation and quality control of MSDS's. Chemical consulting and substituion of chemicals.